Blakk Sabbath

              The Ultimate tribute to Black Sabbath


The band was the brainchild of Dave Boggon and Mick Simpson who have been lifelong Sabbath devotes since the first album. On a drive back from the last ever Black Sabbath gig in Birmingham in February 2017, they laid plans for their biggest dream, to create the most authentic Sabbath tribute. After recruiting Chris Goodband and Rik Lambert, rehearsals began in earnest in the fall of 2017.

Blakk Sabbath was unleashed upon the unsuspecting public in April 2018, playing pubs and venues around North East England of ever increasing size, culminating in an appearance at the end of December 2018 at the Newcastle O2 Arena playing in front of 800 people, and cementing their reputation as the UK’s premier tribute to Black Sabbath.