Molly Warburton




Molly, 19, has been capturing hearts and minds with her stunning voice for a few years now, and has performed over 150 gigs in the past 12 months, cementing the band’s position as one of the freshest and most exciting acts on the music scene.


She now performs to packed houses and rave reviews.She more than holds her own alongside voices such as Carole King, Martha Tilston and Morcheeba’s Skye Edwards, and her subjects suggest a wisdom that contradicts her age and a command of the English language and storytelling that produces a unique window onto the world.


Her cutting edge blend of Folk and Rock music has brought her to the attention of the music industry. Molly has her finger on the pulse, and surely has a long and productive future ahead of her.


Greg Lambert writes


‘’Mark my words she will play Glastonbury within two years’’