The Gutter Brothers





The Gutter Brothers are an English skiffle and rock band The band.


They formed in early 1985 after singer and washboard player Tony Green arrived in London from his native New Orleans and met Tea Chest Bass player Dennis Johnson performing on the street in Covent Garden.


Over the course of the following eighteen months they were joined by guitarists Chris Cawte and Steve Turner and drummer Jeff Walker.


Up to this point their repertoire had largely consisted of skiffle versions of blues and R'n'B standards. During the preceding year Dennis Johnson had started producing lyrics which the rest of the band had begun putting to music and so in early 1988 they wrote and recorded a self financed album entitled Isometric Boogie which they sold on the street and at an increasing number of self promoted gigs in and around London.


The album was produced by old friend Jez Coad (who subsequently produced all the rest of the band’s released material) and went on to sell around 30,000 copies.


Whilst still in the process of recording the album they were spotted playing on the street and invited to play on the LWT series First Exposure alongside a then relatively unknown Steve Coogan.


This led to them being asked to play live on MTV Europe, the first band to do so on the recently launched channel. Other TV appearances over the following year included ITV’s Night Network and Juke Box Jury hosted by Jools Holland. The band have achieved cult status and are still a big name in the UK touring circuit.